CBX.GridMapping v2.0.1 Released February 26, 2013

See the project page at http://www.codefarts.com/GridMapping/

Current Features

  • Can use your own prefabs
  • Includes simple prefab shapes
  • Customizable prefab quick select grid
  • Recently used lists for quick re-selection
  • Support for layering
  • Can name, lock, show/hide, reorder layers
  • Structured prefab naming convention
  • Preset rotations when drawing
  • 3 draw tools Pencil/Rectangle/Fill Rectangle
  • Supports Undo
  • Full off line documentation included
  • Built in feedback tool
  • Includes preliminary API & developer tools
  • Can auto scale and auto center prefabs
  • Lots of settings for customization
  • Fully commented & organized C# source code included
  • 95+% of source code conforms to default StyleCop settings


NOTE: The current version of this tool does not contain a grid or tile mapping/management system. It is a in editor creation tool designed to make it easy to rapidly place prefabs within a grid based layout. A future update will include editor & run time API's.

Version Notes

Items starting with "Completed" are items that have been fully implemented as they were intended
Items starting with "Partial" are items that have only been partially implemented.



  • Completed - Fixed bug if build settings were set to WebPlayer. File.GetLastWriteTime was not available under WebPlayer.
  • Completed - Complete reshuffling of the code base to make it easier to publish and the code is more organized. The code base now lives in it's own folder under "CBX Game\CBX.GridMapping".
  • Completed - All CBX.GridMapping specific code now lives under the CBX.GridMapping name space.
  • Completed - Added additional prefabs to the quick prefab selection drop down.
  • Completed - Fixed issue with the 2D mesh plane prefab. Collider is now properly aligned to the mesh.
  • Completed - Temporarily removed the Quick Tools Beta preview from the code base. It will make an reappearance in a future update.
  • Completed - Removed dead code from numerous code files.
  • Completed - Numerous improvements to the layers system.
  • Partial - Automatic Material Creation window is partially implemented but not recommended for production use just yet. It pretty much works as intended but there is no way to save the materials it creates internally as actual unity *.mat files.
  • Completed - Ability to hide and show individual layers
  • Completed - Have setting to hide show the foldout control for hiding map information
  • Completed - Ability to lock a layer so it can not be drawn or erased
  • Completed - Ability to change the order of layers in the layer list
  • Completed - Ability to delete a specific layer
  • Completed - Added 2 additional draw modes Rectangle & FillRectangle
  • Completed - Added additional settings for more customization
  • Completed - Tile Material Creation, Scene view auto pan, & Hidden Game object tools are no longer part of CBX.GridMapping but instead have migrated over to a free utility library called CBX.GeneralTools available at the Codefarts website.
  • Completed - Fixed bug when changing cell size. The map grid did not automatically update.
  • Completed - Fixed bug where setting the cell size to a non square value prefabs that were drawn were scaled to the minimum dimensions of the cell.

Added CBX.GeneralTools February 16, 2013

Added CBX.GeneralTools to the products page. CBX.GeneralTools replaces the Tile Material Creation Window as well as Hidden Game Objects and integrates them into one unity package.