Provides a modal for callbacks.
The color.
Extension methods for the type.
Provides various keys as global constant values for use with the settings system.
The editor callback service.
Provides extension methods for the type.
Handles settings registration.
Implements a generic equality comparer that uses a callback to perform the comparison.
Provides a class for caching a list of folders.
Provides a class for a platform independent image.
Contains extension methods for the type.
extension methods for unity.
Provides various keys as global constant values for use with the settings system.
Provides a menu for general grid mapping settings.
Provides helper methods for line drawing.
Provides a tool windows for searching for hidden game objects and making them visible again.
Provides an immediate window where the user can input C# code and run it directly from within the unity editor.
Provides a interface for running a type.
Provides a interface that exposes a Title property.
Provides an interface for storing and retrieving values.
Provides a class for retrieving localized strings.
Provides a utility window for renaming selected asset files.
The mesh to code window that allows converting a selected prefab with a mesh filter into C# code.
The vector 2.
Private class used to determine if unity has recompiled scripts.
Provides method9s0 for drawing scene view auto pan settings.
Provides a window where you can select objects by typing in there Instance ID.
Used to draw controls that allow the user to select a folder
Provides a window that allows you to select material assets from the project window and set there color or main texture values.
Provides helper methods for drawing controls that are bound to settings.
provides extension methods for the type.
Used as the central hub to manage settings for various Codefarts tools.
Provides a menu model
Provides a window for allowing the user to send feedback to the author.
Provides event argumnts for cells.
Provides methods for drawing tile material creation settings.
Provides a window for selecting tiles from a tile set and creating materials from them
provides a control for selecting a tile for freeform rectangle over a preview texture.
Utility for detecting 2D tiles in a image.
The tint type.
Provides a window for adding or removing synchronizations for files, folders or project files.
Provides a class for showing settings in the unity preferences window.
Provides event arguments for the interface.
Provides extension methods for the interface.
Extension methods for the type.
The vector 3.
Provides a XML file based repository.
Contains helper methods for the xml settings implementation.